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Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Appliance Repair in Santa Barbara

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We Service All Major Brands

We work with several notable household brands such as Thermador which is known for its reliability and easy-to-use features and cook-top models with end-to-end electromagnetic surfaces which makes it safer than other brands and also for its impressive dishwasher series. We also work with Jenn-air brand which is known as the only brand offering down-draft ranges and cook-tops and also for its unique model appealing designs. Our technicians also work with the Sub-zero brand which has superb quality and craftsmanship and all their units are factory-tested before being packaged and sold. Another commonly used household brand we do repairs on is Viking; known for its outstanding features and optimum power use and reliability. We also service and repair Wolf appliances known distinctly for its durability and longevity. When in need of repair or servicing, we’re just one call away from having your appliance function as good as new. We also offer repair services for other brands that include but not limited to:

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  • We are the leading authorized appliances repair in Fort Worth. Our well-trained specialists have years of experience in repairing and servicing all appliances and other top brands like

  • We had all LG Appliances put in the kitchen. We went online and found a company Thermador Appliances, Los Angeles, CA. We were really impressed by this company and will definitely be calling them again the next time we need an appliance fixed.


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We are the leading recognized repair and servicing company in Santa Barbara, our team comprises skilled technicians who have undergone adept training to handle all types of repair for all household appliances and also for commercial appliances. We work with a vast number of brands and have acquired copious years of experience and a track-record of satiated clients pleased with our services. Our well-trained specialists have years of experience in repairing and servicing all appliances and other top brands like:
Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Appliance Repair
Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Refrigerator Repair
Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Cooktop Repair
Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Dishwasher Repair
Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Washer Repair
Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Dryer Repair

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Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Refrigerator, Freezer, Wine-Coolers, Trash Compactors, Ice-maker and Ice-machine Repair in Santa Barbara

We repair all types of refrigerators ranging from side-by-side fridges, single fridges, double-door fridges; we do them all. We understand the significance of having a working and functional fridge and that’s why we offer same-day repairs for faulty refrigerators that might be leaking, have cooling issues or door gaskets not sealing properly or maybe you don’t know what might be the problem; our technicians are trained to fix these kind of problems and they also provide professional advice per your request. Just contact us and our team will be right there to fix your appliance in time. Freezers are essential in every household, restaurant or commercial setting as they help store food items for a longer period of time for several weeks up until months until when needed. So when you notice your food-stuff defrosting; that’s a sign that your fridge might be in need of a repair, especially if you’ve done every possible hack to get it to function again and it still doesn’t work. Give us a call and our team of technicians will be fully prepared with the parts essential for repairing your freezer and restoring it back to good working condition. Wine-Coolers add to the aesthetics of a kitchen and since they’re built specifically for wine storage and cooling, it could be hard to repair them and you might get tempted to replace them when they get faulty. We specialize in wine-cooler repairs and servicing. If you observe that your fridge isn’t cooling properly or not coming on at all. Contact us and we’ll send our skilled technicians right over to have your appliance working in premium condition again. Whether it’s an in-built ice-maker that comes with a refrigerator or a commercial ice-machine or portable-sized ice-makers, we repair all types and all brands too. In need of ice and your ice-maker isn’t dispensing ice or water line keeps malfunctioning or maybe you have a faulty thermostat. We repair all problems pertaining to ice-makers and offer professional advice in regards to having your appliance replaced or repaired. Just give us a call and we’ll be there to have your appliance fixed in no time. With trash-compactors, you don’t have to worry about taking the trash out all the time which can be really inconveniencing most times. The kitchen trash compactor is a home appliance that crushes and bundles garbage for easy disposal. One common fault experienced is when the trash compactor doesn’t stay on to complete a full cycle or it makes weird noises when turned on or it just won’t come on, if you notice these problems don’t hesitate to give us a call, we’ll be there to repair your appliance all at an affordable and competitive price at your request.


Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Dryer Repair in Santa Barbara

Your dryer isn’t operating in full efficacy as it should due to heating problems or it keeps running but the clothes aren’t coming out dry or it never completes a full cycle or maybe you’ve had it for a long time and you want it checked-out or serviced; we work with Jenn-air, Viking, Wolf, Sub-zero and more notable brands, all you need do is call us and book an appointment for same-day repair or if you want the repair at a designated time, you can book ahead and our technicians will be right there to have your dryer working in top-notch condition.


Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Washer Repair in Santa Barbara

You don’t have to keep on piling your laundry due to the fact that you have a faulty washing-machine. Wearing clean clothes and smelling nice doesn’t have to be hindered by having a machine that won’t work when it’s time to do the laundry or it’s not washing your clothes properly or water keeps pooling but nothing happens. When you notice these faults; give us a call to book an appointment for our competent technicians to come out and fix your appliance, we repair all kinds of washers spanning from top-load washers, front-load washers and stackable units; contact us now and we’ll be there ASAP to fix your appliance.


Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Range, Cook-top, Vent Hood, Ovens and Microwave Repair in Santa Barbara

A range is one of the most important appliances in the kitchen as it combines the functionality of a stove and oven all in one, making it cheaper than obtaining these appliances as a single unit separately. But they are also prone to have some faults over time; one common problem is the burners not working properly or the oven isn’t heating as it should or the burners not igniting. Our technicians have worked with various problems such as these and have proffered lasting repair solutions to customers, so instead of rushing to replace it, give us a call and we can help fix your appliance saving you the extra cost of buying a new one. A faulty cook-top disrupts not only the cook, but your whole family. Mealtimes get impeded, forcing you to make use of expensive short-term takeout solutions. When something goes wrong with your gas or electric cook-top like when switches or control panels fail, or when electrical systems short out, you want fast, reliable service. We only use genuine spare parts if a replacement is required. We do not use cheap rip-offs or band-aid solutions. Our technicians stay up to date on all the latest technologies and techniques; replacing parts as required and offering honest advice if it’s time to replace your cook-top. At the Appliance Repair Centre, we understand. That’s why our trained technicians assess the problem and make things right – fast. We know a functioning kitchen is a key-stone for happy domestic living. Hoods were developed to aid ventilation and prevent the stuffiness of gases and odors that come with cooking, but they are also prone to faults because of their constant use and you may notice that the hood lights aren’t working or the hood comes on but it just makes loud noises and doesn’t work, give us a call to schedule an appointment for a technician to have your vent fixed, we understand the priority of time and that’s why we always show up timely for every appointment and implement repairs duly and well-organized. Microwaves are crucial in every house-hold as they can be used to reheat food, easy to clean and also used to cook meals sometimes, they are necessary for our every-day life and it could be bothersome when they’re not heating properly or making strange noises or it’s just not coming on, no need to worry about this alone as we’re here to give professional guidance and help and we work with all brands, just contact us and we’ll be there to fix your appliance so you can enjoy the rest of your day without worrying about your microwave not being functional and leave it to us to have your appliance working as good as new. Our team at Santa Barbara Appliance Repairs is your best choice for fast and easy local service. We can repair or do maintenance on your oven, stove, or double oven. When your oven isn’t heating up, won’t turn on, or has a door that’s broken and that doesn’t close all the way, we can help. Our oven repair technicians are skilled, well-trained, licensed, and insured, and they’ll leave your oven ready for use. We provide excellent service for both gas and electric ovens.


Viking, SubZero, Wolf, JennAir and Thermador Dishwasher Repair in Santa Barbara

The last thing you need during a hectic work or school week is a broken dishwasher. You already don’t have enough hours in the day to get everything done. If your dishwasher stops working, your schedule gets even more complicated. And that’s where we come in; with our prompt and timely services, we’ll have your dishwasher fixed and ready to work again as we come fully prepared for every job and carry the parts necessary for the repair so you can enjoy the delight of having home-cooked food again and have time to relax and go about your normal schedule without having to worry about your dishwasher. If your oven is making noise due to a faulty cooling fan, we can make that annoying sound go away. We’ll repair cooling fans or we’ll replace the grill or heating element in your oven when needed. Is it as simple as replacing the thermostat so your food no longer comes out burnt to a crisp? Or more complex as an issue with the oven’s bottom element, we are the solution to all your oven repair needs.